KMTC started up in 2014, and we’ve been on an epic journey ever since. From our beginnings as an Electrical Engineering / consultancy company and up to engineering the most complexed & sophisticated ELECTRICAL/MACHINERY and Automation Plants on DP 1/2/3 or SRtP Vessels today.

We have tried to stay true to our core beliefs – SAFE & SIMPLE and to deliver an exceptional experience for our Customers/Vessel Owners.
We owe a huge thanks to electrical/automation plant suppliers for joining us on this awesome ride.


KMTC is creating value for our customers by implementing our expertise in Electrical and automation Design
and solutions on modern vessels.

Basic Electrical Design

> Coordination & Project Planning Electrical design
> System and Class documentation
> Evaluation of suppliers
> Multidiscipline coordination
> SRtP Systems Philosophies
> SRtP System Testing
> Machinery Systems Philosophies
> Fire System
> SRtP Systems Arrangements/Cabling/Functionality
> FMEA & DP System engineering
> Automation System Design and Arrangement

Detail Electrical Design

> Electrical Interface List
> Automation / IO Lists
> IO Lists cable & termination diagrams

> Navigation Plants
> Bridge Systems & interfaces
> Propulsion Systems & interfaces
> Machinery Systems & interfaces
> MCC Starters & interfaces

Detail Electrical Design & Documentation

Project management support

> Correspondence with Owners, Yards & Various Class societies (DNV GL, ABS, LR etc.)

> Product development

> FAT / SAT documentation /attendance


> Aftermarket / Retrofit Projects

3D Cadmatic Design

> 3D Pipe Modeling
• Equipment / Foundations / Pipe supports •

> Cable Trays / Flooring
• Production / Installation drawings •
• Accomodation drawings/ Galley arrangements •


We are professional experts in Electrical design of modern Marine systems and we are experienced in complex vessel integration. Our fields are Ship electrical design, control systems integration and machinery piping 3D design, systems control and function description. We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions, know-how & competence in design and production / installation processes.

Ship of the year 2017


Ready to work with us? Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of clients doing projects with differing scopes and audiences. We let our work speak for itself, so take a look at some of our latest projects for our great clients.

Polar Empress


Olympic Bibby

Olympic Delta

SS Nujoma

Edda Freya

CLV NKT Viktoria

Maersk Master

Horizon Star

Maersk Mariner

Maersk Mover



Previous KMTC assignment

supervision on Hurtigruten Project of:

Automation Plant arrangement
Basic and Detail electrical design
Automation List
Machinery Systems Functional & SRtP descriptions
Electrical Interface


Recent KMTassignment

Color Hybrid Project

HVAC System
Coordination/Electrical Engineering
Water Mist Electrical Engineering


Recent KMTassignment

Lindblad Project

SRtP coordination
Automation Plant & Automation Lists
Electrical Interfaces
3D Electrical Design


Recent KMTassignment

Nexans Aurora Project

Electrical Integration+Automation Lead
Functional descriptions and Vessel Modes
Interface Meetings Lead
Automation IO Lists
Electrical Documentation
Correspondence with Class
Machinery/Electrical 3D Engineering

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